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Measure museum

The Measure Museum of Tabriz is in the Salmasi House.        The museum has a variety of weighing tools such as Goldsmith, large balance of Field vegetables, the Balance weights, oil modules, Astronomical equipment like Astrolabe, Meteorology-related assessment tools, Compass and Watches from the past centuries, and also, a tree belonging of the Pliocene, with 5 million years old from New life geological time is held in the museum.    
In this Museum types of tools and devices to measure time as old and artistic types of clocks made in different countries, all types of instruments to measure weight, including small scales and large steelyard special assessment instruments for measuring length and other measures are displayed. This museum is built in pleasant old house of Salmasi. This house belongs to the early Qajar and was built by Salmasi family who was an old family in Tabriz.


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