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Tabriz Ark

 Arg e Ali-Shah also known as Ark e Tabriz, is a remnant of a fortress built in the Ilkhanate period. Currently it is placed in the center of Tabriz, in Iran.        

Historians believe that it was used as a military castle but clerics claim that the structure was initially used as a mosque in its early days, but during the Qajar era was used as a military post, and storage facility for weapons (in Persian Ark means castle). Supporting this phenomenon the clerics have been damaged large parts of the Ark to make a new mosque.  

It also played an important role in the Constitutionalist war of Iran in the early 1900s against Mohammad Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty.  

After the Revolution, large parts of the building were destroyed by the cleric people to prepare a new place for Friday prayers in Tabriz. The structure today stands 28 meters high, and is still used as part of a space for holding Friday prayers in Tabriz.

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